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My name is Jennifer Moore. I am a local pottery. I have been doing pottery since high school. I'll let you guess when that was! I am a mother of 5 kids, a wife, a pre-med student, and a bible nerd. I enjoy learning and getting dirty while throwing on the wheel. My favorite piece is my next one! 

My Story

In May 2023, I closed and liquidated my 2,300+ sq. ft ceramic studio in Rocklin, CA. It was a difficult time but what a blessing it was to be able to teach so many amazing people the art of ceramics. I taught over 2,000 people how to throw on the wheel and hand-build. It was such a wonderful time in my life that I can look back on with fond memories of the connections that I was able to make and the impact that the studio had on so many people learning the art form of ceramics. The theme of "giving yourself grace" was so abundant in the studio! So many people, including myself, expect instant knowledge, instant gratification in doing something. When it comes to art, especially ceramics, there is such a learning curve. Completeness doesn't always come right away. If you haven't had a crack in your piece or some part of a piece hasn't blown up in the kiln, you have not made enough creations! I thank God that I was able to go through owning my own studio, even during a pandemic like COVID, because it allowed me to help so many people reduce anxiety and build confident with learning a new skill. Plus, they were able to have a memorial creation! 

Now, I am still making my own creations and just started opening the door to teaching ceramics at Orchard Glen Park and at individual participant's houses. I look forward to the next chapter God has in store for my life journey and what next theme HE has for my life as I continue my education into medicine.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(530)264-6279 (text)

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