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Bible Study

In 1436 AD, Gutenburg invented the printing press, and the first bible was printed in 1455 (14th Century). Now in the 21st century, we have the availability to have a bible on our phones thanks to many softwares like YouVersion. Not only can we pick a bible, but now we have easy access to many different interpretations of the original text that was written in Hebrew, a few massages of Aramaic, and Greek. We also have access to Interliner software like Logos that allows us to compare text side by side with the original text. We have so many helpful resources to help understand the bible! 

Many people are amazed to think that when they talk about scripture in the New Testament in the letters from Paul and the other Churches, they are actually talking about the old testament, also known as the old covenant, or Hebrew bible. When Jesus talks about scripture and "it is written" he is talking about the old testament scriptures. Jesus' scripture that he studied was the Hebrew bible (TaNaK). 

I also thought that the bible was a guidebook to helping with life decisions and being a good person that Jesus was. I also thought that Salvations was mine as long as I believed in Jesus. So I did my own thing, and occasionally looked in the bible during sermons or at home skimming through a few massages that made me feel good. That was my relationship. 

The bible goes so much deep than this...............

I started listening to a podcast called the BibleProject, and I enjoyed the humility of these guys actually asking questions that I have had for years about God, the bible and the connection between them both! The Podcast was a breath of fresh air because questioning scripture was inviting. They focused on finding the educated answers from the historical information and other scholars that spent/spend their lives studying specific areas of the bible to uncover answers. As well as respecting different interpretations of the text and how different scholars can come to different conclusions; discerning what seems correct based on the information presented. I learned that I bring a bias to reading the bible that I didn't realize I was doing until it was pointed out. I came to realize that I was reading the bible incorrectly this whole time, I needed to not cherry pick there scripture, I needed to acknowledge my bias and my lack of foundation of understanding that I was reading a story that was written thousands of years ago in a land and place I have never been, in a time I would never be able to travel to. The BibleProject illuminated my journey with God, the way founder, Jesus, and the story that is the foundation of Christianity, the bible, not just the new testament but the old testament as well. Every book of the bible was a separated scroll that was put together to help create the story that leads to Jesus. If humanity doesn't start learning the history of why it was so important for Jesus to come during the time he did, we will and are repeating Biblical history found in the old testament. I realized Jesus' sacrifice for us was my sacrifice of choosing to not live for the world desires and my desires but to live for the will of God. That is to actively Love God with all of me and actively love others showing my fruits of the spirit through a daily reconnection with God through acknowledging his gift to me of Jesus to identify my resurrection from selfish living that hurt others to selfless living that focused on loving others with the help of the holy spirit to continue to fill me throughout the day.  I would love to help illustrate a path that I took to understand scripture better. Connect with me if you are interested. This is my way of serving others - No cost! 

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